Seminar : The political scene in the Transitional period in Sudan

Picture credit : Wafa Adam

The next session of our seminar will take place Thursday 30 September at 12:30 pm.

It is our pleasure to invite you to Dr. Azza Mustafa M. Ahmed presentation on the transitional period in Sudan : “The political scene in the Transitional period in Sudan. New actors versus “the old” actors“.

Al-Bashir’s regime succeeded in working to urge political parties to change their positions by transferring and transforming from one party to another, with the aim of weakening political parties and not being able to interact politically with their masses, especially in its endeavor to form alliances with some large parties and persuade them to enter the national dialogue process, as a way to divide the power between all party components. In general, the period of thirty years contributed to a significant weakening of political
parties and weakened their programs and strategic plans.

All this situation casts a shadow over the transitional period and reveals that the parties need to keep up and renew programs and plans to match the requirements of the transition phase and beyond. New actors have emerged, starting to play competitive roles. Who are they and their influence socially and politically?

Azza M. Ahmed, PhD was assistant professor at faculty of International Relations. Where she teaches courses on Gender and International relations, Non- Governmental organizations and policy and Introduction to social research methods. She holds PhD in political science from Khartoum University (2015) and M.A degree in International Relations from University of Khartoum A.B. degree in English Language from Ahlia University.

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