Identity and Lifestyles Construction in Multi-ethnic Shantytowns: a case study of Al-Baraka community in Khartoum, Sudan – Dr Mohamed Bakhit

This research investigates the processes and dynamics of identity formation in multi-ethnic communities in shantytowns in Sudan’s capital Khartoum. Recent studies suggest that in Sudan, conflicts are influenced by ethnic identity struggle at the national level between Arab ethnic groups versus African ethnic groups including also all other bilateral cultural divides (e.g. Muslims/Christians, Arabic language/local languages). The main aim of the research is to specify the different kinds of identities (e.g. ethnic, urban, class) that individuals and groups adopt as well as the reasons for this adoption. The theories and approaches used in this study include structural-functionalism, the historical approach (New-Marxism), and the situational/circumstantialist approach. I mainly use the situational/circumstantialist approach to explore and analyze the phenomenon. The research is based on intensive fieldwork, following day-to-day life of people, and on grounded theory method to analyze and interpret the processes of identity formation in Elbaraka area in Khartoum. ◼

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