Iftar-documentary screening & debate on gender issues in Sudan – « Men as Allies » in CEDEJ Khartoum

CEDEJ Khartoum and the French Embassy in Sudan, in partnership with the NGO SIHA (Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa), are pleased to announce the following event:

An iftar-documentary screening & debate !


On Wednesday 22nd June, at 7 pm, in CEDEJ Khartoum:

« Men as Allies »
(17 min, 2016)

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This short film aims to unravel the multi-layered patriarchal narrative in Sudan, delve into the concept of masculinity and its correlation to that social concept/discourse and to explore the personal experiences of young men regarding their attitudes, stances and behavioral patterns towards oppression, discrimination and violence against women.


You are kindly invited to join us for iftar and to participate in this documentary screening & debate on gender issues in Sudan.

We hope to see you there!

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