CALL FOR PAPERS ECAS7 – “Urban Africa – Urban Africans: New encounters of the rural and the urban”


The Centre for African Studies Basel and the Swiss Society for African Studies welcome you to the 7th European Conference on African Studies ECAS 2017 with the theme: Urban Africa – Urban Africans: New encounters of the rural and the urban, which they organise on behalf of the Research Network of African Studies Centres in Europe AEGIS.

The scholarly community in response to our call published in June 2016 submitted 347 panel proposals out of which the Scientific Committee with the support of the Programme Committee selected 223. The call for papers is now open and scholars in African Studies are invited to propose papers to the panel(s) of their choice. Please refer to the call for papers page.


The Centre for African Studies Basel is a coordinated research network at the University of Basel including further institutions such as the Basler Afrika BibliographienMission 21 or the Swiss Tropic and Public Health Institute. It promotes Africa-related teaching at the university and offers MA and PhD programmes in African Studies as well as an advanced studies Certificate in African Affairs. With its joint research theme Living the City the Centre has been at the forefront of research on urban Africa. Research under this theme is promoted along five axes of research: Public Health and Social Life; Media and Imagination; Knowledge Production and Transfer; Governance and Civil Society; Environment and Development. These axes also inform the teaching activities of the Centre. The Centre today constitutes a solid framework within which numerous post-doc researchers as well as doctoral and MA students have been engaging with urban issues. This has led to the founding of a new Masterprogramme for Critical Urbanism in cooperation with the University of Cape Town.

The Swiss Society for African Studies (SSAS) aims at advancing research on Africa, including the organization of conferences to discuss questions of African lifestyles and other aspects of African societies and cultures. Contributing to the circulation of relevant information, the SSAS understands itself as platform for synergies and collaboration between universities and research institutions. It strives to enhance the visibility and the institutionalization of African Studies in Switzerland. Founded in 1974, the SSAS is based on the model of Area Studies. With this view it offers opportunities to connect researchers and the interested public in a theme-oriented and multidisciplinary exchange. Alternating with thematic conferences, the biannual Swiss Researching Africa Days promote the exchange among researchers at different stages of their careers. The SSAS is a member of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Conference Committee

The organising committee is led by Till FoersterElisio Macamo and Veit Arlt of the Centre for African Studies Basel.

Conference Office

Veit Arlt (lead, logistics)
Julia Büchele (administration)
Pascal Schmid (fundraising, communication)

Scientific Committee

Till Förster (University of Basel, Switzerland)
Dominique Malaquais (CNRS/IMAF, Paris, France)
Elísio Macamo (University of Basel, Switzerland)
Julia Tischler (University of Basel, Switzerland)
Anne Mayor (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Daniel Küenzler (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
Gregor Dobler (University of Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany)

Programme Committee

Gareth Austin (University of Cambridge, England)
Susann Baller (DHIP-CREPOS, Dakar, Senegal)
Rose-Marie Beck (University of Leipzig)
Eva Maria Belser (University of Fribourg)
Wim van Binsbergen (African Studies Centre, Leiden, Netherlands)
Gilles Carbonnier (The Graduate Institute, Geneva, Switzerland)
Divine Fuh (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
Olivier Graefe (University of Fribourg)
Clemens Greiner (University of Cologne, Germany)
Andreas Heuser (University of Basel, Switzerland)
Daniel Küenzler (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
Paul Lane (University of Uppsala, Sweden)
Christine Lequelec-Cottier (University of Lausanne)
Dominique Malaquais (CNRS/IMAF, Paris, France)
Jenny Fatou Mbaye (City University London, England)
Sonia Merten (Swiss Tropic and Public Health Institute, Basel, Switzerland)
Brigit Obrist (University of Basel)
Silke Oldenburg (University of Basel, Switzerland)
Jean Bernard Ouédraogo (CNRS-EHESS, Paris, France)
Didier Péclard (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Rüdiger Seesemann (University of Bayreuth, Switzerland)
Fiona Siegenthaler (University of Basel, Switzerland)
Céline Thiriot (Sciences Po, Bordeaux, France)

Convening Institutions


AEGIS (Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies)Centre for African Studies BaselSwiss Society for African Studies


Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences Carl Schlettwein Foundation Humer Foundation for Academic Talent

Important dates:

Call for Papers: 18 Nov 2016 to 19 January 2017
Confirmation of Papers: 2 March 2017
Early-bird registration opens: 2 March 2017
End of early-bird: 2 April 2017
Registration closes: 2 May 2017

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