SEMINAR – Syrians in Khartoum, by Alice Koumurian and Vivian Hartlief

CEDEJ Khartoum is pleased to organize a seminar on Sunday, May 7th, 2 pm, on Syrians in Khartoum by Alice Koumurian and Vivian Hartlief.

Alice Koumurian, Project officer in CEDEJ Khartoum, will present her research :

“Sudan: a Destination Country? The Case of Syrians Who Have Arrived After 2011 in Khartoum”

Summary :

Situated in the Horn of Africa, Sudan is at the heart of a particularly complex migration system. Sudan is affected by large influx of Eritrean, Ethiopian, Somali and South Sudanese migration flows. Furthermore, it is equally affected by large-scale internal displacements and therefore must face possible departure of its own citizens.

This study focuses on a particular group that recently augmented these flows: that of Syrians who have arrived in Sudan after 2011 and whose profile and aspirations still remain largely unknown. Since Sudan is one of the very few countries still granting them a visa-free entry into its territory, there has been an uninterrupted flow of Syrians to Sudan after the outbreak of the Syrian crisis in 2011.

Against the backdrop of the many discussions and initiatives by the European Union on the issue of migration, this study illustrates that although Sudan could be seen as a step-in-stone towards the illegal migration to Europe, it could equally well be considered a destination country. Thus, this study shows how Syrian migrants’ perceptions and aspirations, along with a genuine open-door and welcome policy from the Sudanese government towards Syrians, tend to challenge the spirit of the Khartoum Process, which merely considers Sudan as a transit territory.

Based on quantitative and qualitative research conducted from June 2016 to March 2017 in Khartoum, this study is based on a two-level approach. First, at the level of individuals, this study looks at the profile, the living conditions in Khartoum and at the aspirations of these Syrians. Second, it addresses governmental interventions in order to demonstrate the workings of what we consider as a “specific treatment” from the government of Sudan vis-a-vis this population hailing from Syria.

Vivian HARTLIEF, Master’s student in International Development Studies at Utrecht University, will present:

“Syrian Refugees and Their Livelihood”


This research is aimed at studying the Syrian community living in Khartoum, to gain better insight on to what extent Syrian people living in Khartoum are capable of creating a (sustainable) livelihood and in particular what challenges they face. In order to do so there is looked into the context they are living in, the assets they are capable of obtaining, and the livelihood outcomes they pursue and experience.

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