Research Projects supported by CEDEJ Khartoum – 2020

For the year 2020, CEDEJ Khartoum is supporting 22 projects for a total amount of about 42 000,00 euros. 

These projects have been selected by a commission composed of Dr Yasir Awad, Dr. Azza Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Dr. Raphaëlle Chevrillon-Guibert, and Dr. Jean-Nicolas Bach, and are sponsored by the Centre de Crise (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs / French Embassy in Khartoum), the CNRS, and CEDEJ Khartoum.





1. Amira Osman, Exploring women and youth activism during the 19th December revolution in Sudan,

2. Chevrillon-Guibert, L’exploitation des mines d’or au Soudan entre accaparement et redistribution,

3. Gout Philippe, Negotiating a paradox: SPLM-N between the re-integration into the Sudanese State structure and the claim for regional autonomy,

4. Grabska Katarzyna & Azza A. Abdel Aziz, Social history of Sudan: The prism of Music and Musicians,,

5. Hänsch Valerie, Sensing change: Aesthetic activism and the reclaiming of the city,

6. Siri Lamoureaux, Gender politics and social media in the Sudanese revolution,

7. Anne-Laure Mahé, Constitution d’un fond d’archives sur les purges du régime de l’Ingaz, 1989-2019,

8. Mayada Abdelazim & Mohamed Mutasim, U-turns and full circles: prospects for political and economic transformation in post-revolution Sudan,,

9. Noha Hamza &  El Sadig, Youth Women Language of the Revolution

10. Saker El-Nour, Farmers and Revolution in Sudan: case study of agrarian protest movements in Gezira Scheme,

11. Shahenda Suliman, Labour transformations: Exploring the role of organised labour in Sudan’s social movements,

12. Tubiana Jérôme, Transition et Périphéries au Soudan,

13. Verhoeven Harry, Trouble in the East,

14. Wessels Josepha, Sustainable Sudan; documenting the past and visioning the future through graffiti and environmentalism,

15. Willemse Karin & Metje Postma, Documenting, archiving and reflecting on the role of youth, women (Kandaka), and the social media in the peaceful resistance during the Sudan popular uprising (2019-2020,),

16. Amigoni Livio, The Struggle for movement: Sudanese forced migration, refugee choices and support networks, 

17. Berend van der Maeden, Small-Holder Farmers and Political Transition in Khartoum, 

18. Mureille van der Meulen, Virtual Uprising: The Digitalization of Youth Activism,

19. Corten Perez Huis, La filière de la brique rouge, de Al-Gereif au Grand Khartoum (Soudan) : une activité productive au coeur de conflits multiscalaires,

20. Marshall Waston, Commodity Frontiers in Transition: Resource Extraction in Sudan from the Turkiyya to Independence, 

21. Petitdemange Cécile, Voyage des Salafismes entre Tchad et Soudan, 

22. Zahorik Jan,Education, mobility and the legacy of the Cold War: Former Eastern Bloc and the Broader Horn of Africa,

Total 2020: 42 626,00 €

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