Seminar 04/11 – CEDEJ KHARTOUM

CEDEJ Khartoum has officially reopened its doors two months ago now, and we are happy to invite you to our first seminar after this troubling period.
Azza Mustafa Mohammed Ahmed will present her paper « Transitional period : Expected scenarios after the peace agreement » on Wednesday November 4th at 3pm.
Due to COVID-19, please send an email to confirming you will be joining us so we can arrange the room accordingly. Also, make sure to wear a face mask.
Following is a summary of the paper :
The paper starts asking a question about the end of this peaceful movement from its beginnings and to its last bloody events from the virtue of the sit-in at the military HQ things remained peaceful throughout the period the consensus of the masses on change to achieve freedom peace and justice, the question revolves around how can the gains be made to reach radical change ? Will there be an opportunity for Sudan’s governance / administration based on democratic values and human rights ? Or will the military rule remain a destiny and a fate ? Did the movements leading forces fail to unite themselves into a homogenous entity ? What is the fate of the « silent majority », most of whom/who are not affiliated with political parties ?
The question generates expectations about whether the December slogans can contribute to renewing the political forces’ discourse, towards a new political discourse that translates or transmits slogans into practical social dialogue. Could after December be a new stage for political life as a lesson learned from what has happened in Sudan since independence until now ? And how can this lesson be applied in a desired way to avoid the evil episode ?
These are questions that are directed towards creating expected scenarios that may happen if the situations are still fragile / brittle.
The paper expects three (maybe more) scenarios derived from the current scene.

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