Online Country Meeting: Sudanese women and their constant struggle – Dec. 17


Here is the link to register to the online meeting :

The history and reality of Sudan demonstrates the ongoing struggle of women across classes, cultures, races, and fields. A lot can be read about women’s contentions with patriarchal and autocratic authorities. Fatima Ibrahim and Awadeya Koko, among others, have significantly contributed to women’s rights and representation in political and public spheres. Recently, in the 2013 uprising and the 2018 revolution, women and girls were behind organising the demonstrations.

The active and promising participation of women in the 2018 revolution faced serious challenges. On 3 June 2019, the armed forces attacked the peaceful sit-in, and women were endangered. Then, during the political negotiations between the Transnational Military Council and Forces of Freedom and Change, women were underrepresented. Even more, after setting the transnational government, women occupied fewer places in the cabinet and local governments. And violence against women in refugee and displacement camps still happens. 

It’s now been two years since that December revolution in 2018 erupted. But the current dynamics show ‘the political sphere is eons behind the streets’, as Omnia Shawkat explained the gender struggle in Sudan.

This Country Meeting aims to open a discussion about the women’s struggle since the revolution started and during its aftermath. Additionally, the event will shed a light on women’s strategies and activities to create and consolidate their rights.

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