Call for papers, Egypte Monde Arabe n° 24. March 2021 Special Issue on: ” Public space, publicness and social transformations ” / 30th of April 2021

Following Egypt and Sudan’s dramatic political events over the last decade, many studies have emphasized the study of change in the public spaces (Abaza, 2014; Stephenson, 2011; Alraouf, 2011; Bahreldin, 2020). The topic of the public space has previously instigated crucial debates into the concepts of the right to the city and the production of space (Lefebvre, 1991; Harvey, 2012), the just city (McLaren, 2016; Low, 2016; Iveson, 2013), and the right to revolution (Harvey, 2012). Today, narratives and discourses on citizenship and the right to the city in the two countries have burgeoned in the media and social networks, generally in line with liberal visions of representative democracy. Yet, little attention has been given to the concrete places and arrangements from where public spaces might develop.

This special Issue of Egypt Soudan Mondes Arabes aims to explore how “investigating the means of making and remaking public space provides a unique window on the politics of the public sphere” (Low and Smith, 2006, 7). Stemming from this suggestion, we argue that studies which have approached the “production of space” in its Lefebvrian sense have often neglected public space and publicness, especially in Egypt, Sudan, and in the MENA region.  Urban studies and architecture also anchor in approaches of the physical shapes that fail to capture the real practices and their politization.

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