Deadline: 15 June 2021

The French Centre for Economic, Law and Social Studies in Sudan (CEDEJ Khartoum) is seeking applications for the Joint Projects Starting Grants 2021 from senior researchers duos (one Sudanese, one French or European) who plans to start a joint project in the social sciences and humanities in Sudan during the year 2022 (until 31st December).

These grants can be used to cover the cost linked to the proposal writing (pre fieldwork, transportation costs between Europe and Sudan, accommodation, books and literature). Research involving students since its first steps, as well as research considering a pre-fieldwork will be paid great attention. Summer schools and other activities on scientific training can be considered. Co-financing is highly appreciated. Researchers who currently do not have a funding from CEDEJ-Khartoum have priority. The grant will not exceed 1200,00 euros per project.

Candidates can contact the coordinator of CEDEJ-Khartoum to facilitate the communication with professors in Sudan and abroad.

CEDEJ-Khartoum aims to foster research in general in Sudan and grants may be given to non-priority project proposals. However, the research must suits explicitly with at least one of our scientific themes of research:

  • Governance, public policy, politics
  • City, citizenship, migration and urban environments
  • Environment, nature and resource management
  • History of contemporary Sudan

Grant Information

Grants beneficiaries will be requested to provide a final report before 31st December 2021 including the activities carried out, a state of the art and a project proposal to be submitted for financing by CEDEJ-Khartoum or other institutions.

Grants offered are not subject to taxes, and do not include open rights to social security. They are awarded as contributions towards actual research proposal costs.

The scientific interest, feasibility and relevance of the project, the applicant’s ability to implement them, their innovative dimension, the suitability of the budget, co-funding sources, and the academic value (degree, scientific publication, data collection within a larger project…) will be criteria for evaluation and selection of application by a scientific committee.

The grant beneficiaries will receive 70% of the grant at the beginning of the fieldwork and the remaining payment when the final report is submitted to CEDEJ Khartoum and after validation by the scientific committee.

How to apply

Senior researchers can apply in duo (a Sudanese researcher and a European one). Applications can be written in French or in English.

Interested applicants will send an email to with the following documents:

  • the Application Form downloadable on our website
  • a complete CV for each researcher

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