Revolution, back to the future – Guillaume Vadot

Guillaume Vadot – postdoctoral researcher, IMAF/CNRS – published a working paper : “Revolution, back to the future. Research Notes on the Negotiations for the Relaunch of the Gezira Irrigated Scheme, Sudan”.

The overthrow in April 2019 of President Omar Al Bashir, who had been in power for thirty years, has given rise, in addition to the opening up of a political transition (based on the sharing of power between civilians and the military since the constitutional declaration was signed in August), to a liberation of political imagination and expression in Sudan. This opening, but also the creativity that accompanies it, the relationships between social groups, the setting in motion of identities and even stigmas, or the threats that weigh on it, have been the subject of several recent publications in the French academic field. Recruited at the end of 2020 as a postdoctoral researcher within a project that studies unions and their activists in several Sahelian countries, the richness of this post-revolutionnary period increased the excitement of discovering such a complex country, and I felt really fortunate.

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