Workshop : Description and documentation of Sudan’s linguistic heritage.

Dear all,

The first workshop of our series “research questions and methods in social sciences” will take place next week (please note the change in date for this first session)

It is our pleasure to welcome Dr. Nicolas QUINT for his presentation on the Sudan’s linguistic heritage

Dr. Nicolas QUINT


Description and documentation of Sudan’s linguistic heritage. Some methodological insights in fieldwork and dictionary-making

Thursday 21 October – 10:00 am

CEDEJ Khartoum:

Today, several tens of languages are spoken in Sudan, many of which are still underdocumented. In this workshop, I will first introduce Sudan’s rich cultural heritage. After that, I will discuss the question of language description and documentation, and stress the importance of linguistic fieldwork as a means to better know, preserve and promote Sudanese languages. I will particularly insist on the issues and challenges linked with the activity of dictionary making. I will illustrate this conference drawing mostly examples from Koalib, a Kordofanian language, traditionally spoken in the Nuba Mountains, which I have been studying since 2000.

This workshop is performed with the support of the following Projects :

PHC-Napata – Kin terms and anthroponyms in the  languages of the Nuba Mountains

PICS – The languages of the Sudan:  a typological and areal crossroad

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