CEDEJ Seminar : “Sape : The process of artification of a clothing practice”

The next session of our seminar will take place on Sunday 13 February at 11:00 am.

It is our pleasure to welcome Yacine Khiar’s presentation on the transnational artistic movement “Sape” : From the Congolese streets to the Parisian museums The process of artification of a clothing practice.

La Sape is a clothing movement born in the streets of Brazzaville during the independence period. Later it crossed the Congo River to spread to Kinshasa, in particular helped by musicians who practiced it. Symbol of the anti-colonial struggle, then of the refusal of the discretion imposed to the immigrants in France, a part of its current actors fight to make recognize their practice as a form of artistic expression by multiplying the actions aiming at offering to la Sape a legitimacy in this domain.

Yacine Khiar is a PhD candidate in anthropology at the Université de Paris 8, member of LAVUE UMR 7128 CNRS. His thesis, under the supervision of Barbara Casciarri, deals with the evolution of the pictorial arts in Khartoum over the last few years, with an approach at the crossroads of urban anthropology and sociology of art.

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