Publication: “Special section: Art and Conflict”

We are happy to share with you the publication of a Special Section in the newest issue of Conflict and Society: Advances in Research 8 (2022) (Conflict and Society Volume 8 Issue 1 (2022)) entitled: “Special Section: Art and Conflict”.
The collection is edited by Katarzyna (Kasia) Grabska and Cindy Horst (both at Peace Research Institute, Oslo).

The special section explores the role of art practice in transformation in contexts of violent conflict and displacement. The articles focus on artists that either create in the context of oppression and control or respond to these contexts by creating spaces of resistance, life in and with violent conflict, transformation, and inspiration. The articles discuss a range of initiatives and artistic practices that take place in a variety of contexts, from artists involved in societal transformation in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Syria, to artists working in Palestine, Chad, Sri Lanka, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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