Seminar: “Migration of the soul: a conversation with Khalid Shatta”

An INSPIRE Seminar will take place on Monday 6 March 16:30 – 18:00 with Sudanese visual artist Khalid Shatta.
The artist will take us through his artistic journey from childhood in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan to Norway, with his series ‘Migration of the Soul’. Joining him, in conversation, are researchers Azza Ahmed Abdel Aziz and Katarzyna Grabska.

This event is hybrid. You can join in person at PRIO (Hausmanns gate 3) where a light meal will be served, or you can join online on Teams.

Sign up here, and kindly reply to this email if you are attending online.

In this seminar Khalid Shatta will present both his powerful photographs that showcase stories of life in the Nuba Mountains, as well as his colorful paintings that draw inspiration from modernist paintings, the art of ancient civilization, and the culture of his birthplace, Sudan. Shatta is interested in the dynamic connections of the past to the present, evident in the use of symbols in his art. His series ‘Migration of the Soul’ deals with the sensation of being out of place and feeling disconnected from one’s own body and existence.

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