Films screenings & debates – “OUR BELOVED SUDAN” in CEDEJ Khartoum, on April 28th

In order to further promote academic exchanges, CEDEJ Khartoum is continuing its series of documentary films screenings and debates.

In recent years, several documentaries dealing with key themes of interest to CEDEJ Khartoum – Sudan, the 2011 separation, migration issues, the Arab world, etc. – were produced. The content of these films, the approach chosen by the director, as well as the use of video in relation to academic research, are all topics of interest for our PhD students and researchers.

After “Days of Hope” (by the Danish director Ditte Haarløv Johnsen), we are pleased to announce our second screening:

Thursday 28th April, 2016, at 2 PM

CEDEJ Khartoum will screen the documentary “Our Beloved Sudan”

by the Anglo-Sudanese director Taghreed Elsanhouri

OurBelovedSudan_PosterOur beloved Sudan (92 min, 2012) takes the historical trajectory of a nation from birth in 1956 to its death or transmutation into two separate states in 2011 and within this structure it interlaces a public and a private story. Inviting key political figures to reflexively engage with the historical trajectory of the film while observing an ordinary mixed race family caught across the divides of a big historical moment as they try to make sense of it and live through it.”

Dr Azza AZIZ, anthropologist with interest in forced internal displacement, will lead an after-screening discussion of the film.

We hope to see you there! ■

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