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Sources: An Interdisciplinary journal on materials and their uses in African Studies

Sources grew out of the observation that academic journals tend to encourage theoretical and epistemological advances at the expense of the field materials under analysis. This journal’s mission is twofold: first, to resituate at the core of the articles the materials upon which researchers produce their reflections, while providing direct access to these materials; and second, to present analyses focusing on the contexts surrounding the production of these materials and their uses. This return to sources deriving from field work will take place in conjunction with topical thematics in African and Africana studies in the social sciences and humanities and will promote interdisciplinary dialogue. Sources thus aspires to restore full visibility to iteration for producing theoretical insights, that is, the movement back and forth between a research problem and the field, between interpretation and data.
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Environmental Knowledge and Nature(s) in Africa: Collecting, Producing and Analysing Research Materials

Call for papers for Sources: An Interdisciplinary journal on materials and their uses in African Studies.

This issue of the journal Sources, forthcoming in 2021, would like to place at the center of reflection those objects that have become research materials and have participated and, for some, still participate in the production, transmission and discussion of naturalistic and environmental knowledge in Africa and about Africa.

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