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Soudan : Identités en tension

In Sudan, the various modalities of participation in Islam and Arab identity affect relations between populations and segments of society according to variable gradients between...

Peindre la diversité, revendiquer l’unté – Questions d’identités dans le Street Art de la Révolution soudanaise-Yacine Khiar

The project focuses on dynamics of Arabization and Islamization in relation to national identity building in Sudan through an analysis of the three notions articulation within practical processes and
the practices of social actors. The central socio-anthropological approach is based on a micro-scale
perspective, while also paying attention to macro-scale phenomena, in particular state policies on
citizens’ affiliations to an identity forged from categories of Arabness, Islamity and national
integration. The aim of the project, which is rooted in classical works on issues of ethnicity, religion
and nationality, is to give renewed impetus to the scientific contribution of the debate on the relations
between Arab identity and Islam and the issues at stake in the relationship between State and citizens
in an African country in which the colonial legacy and ethno-cultural pluralism have made the
objectives of nation-building particularly complex.

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