Research on Contemporary Sudan. An electronic library supported by CEDEJ Khartou

This collection brings together open access publications in the field of Sudanese studies and mainly those whose authors have received support from CEDEJ Khartoum.

CEDEJ Khartoum (Centre for social, legal and economic studies and documentation in Sudan, UAR 3123) is part of the broader Mixed Unit of French Research Institutes abroad within CEDEJ in Cairo and depends on the CNRS and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our aim is to promote research in social sciences and humanities Made in Sudan. Supporting and spreading research, developing scientific and academic cooperation and assisting and training young researchers are our core missions.

The open archive HAL-SHS (Sciences de l’Homme et de la Société), aims to stock and disseminate scientific pieces, published or not, from French or foreign educational and research institutions, in all disciplines of the humanities and society.

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