Dr. Luisa Arango coordinates CEDEJ Khartoum since January 2021.
She is an anthropologist. She has developed her research on urban questions linked to environmental knowledge, natures and resources as land and drinking water. She has been working in Sudan, mainly in Khartoum, since 2008 and collaborating in collective and interdisciplinary projects, including CEDEJ Khartoum.
As a former associated professor at the University of Strasbourg, she is interested in the teaching and learning process.
Publications available here.

Pr. Barbara Casciarri is an anthropologist, who did research in political and environmental anthropology in rural and urban Sudan since 1989. She did fieldwork also in Morocco, France and Italy. Professor at the University Paris 8 and member of the LAVUE, she is hosted by CEDEJ Khartoum since February 2021 for a “CNRS delegation”. She coordinated CEDEJ Khartoum between 2006 and 2009, and since 2009 is the responsible of the Scientific Agreement between University Paris 8 and University of Khartoum. During her CNRS delegation she carries out a research project on environments and identities after the 2019 revolution in Sudan. She holds a Workshop “Readings and Fieldworks in Sudan” at the CEDEJ Khartoum. In the same period, she is the team leader of two French-Sudanese scientific projects: CliMigraForm (ADESFA) 2020-22 and THAWRA_SuR (ANR) 2021-2024. Learn more

Khaleed Elrashid
Liaison officer

Working with CEDEJ Khartoum’s team since 2011, Khalid is our Liaison officer in charge of logistics and relations with Sudanese administrations. 

Ahmed Eljuzuli Mohamed

Mohamed Abdelgadir

Maintenance officer

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